Cut Red Tape. City Hall to Honour Client Needs.

The court is no place to resolve business development disputes. We must live up to our commitments to property developers.

The tax payers are the clients that city hall is there to serve. We must build a trusting relationship between vested interests and the general public by fair and equitable access to city hall.

The squeaky wheel of vested interests will be heard, when they do not conflict with the best interests of the majority in Abbotsford.

Minority, human, womens, and disabled persons rights will be respected.

Fishtrap Creek Excellent Example


The Fishtrap Creek Park located in western Abbotsford (previously Clearbrook) is an excellent example of the former District of Matsqui ensuring responsible water management, while improving fish habitat, wildlife diversity, and enhancing the local communities park trails and access for people.

This park is just North of the number one Freeway running alongside MacClure, by its junction with Old Yale Road. It has beautiful trails, some gravel and some paved, with park benches and pleasant views, surrounding the lawns, trees, lakes and creek which serves as a water retention system to reduce flood risk both in the local area and also downstream in Whatcom County.

This multifacetted civic environmental management and improvement project has been acknowledged internationally in journals such as the American Society of Civil Engineers and won awards from the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada.

Several years ago this land was fallow boggy swamp land. It had limited biodiversity and was home to many mosquitos in the summer. Nearby homes were at risk of flooding, as were downstream residents, during heavy storms when there was high storm water runoff.

The District of Matsqui wisely attached developmental costs to the local hillside developers to pay for the dredging and improvement of the water retention system along Fishtrap Creek. This was essential, as we have international and other agreements to prevent downstream flooding, as a direct result of increased development.

The city surveyed local opinion, acquired the vacant lands, dredged and sculpted the landscape to serve as both park and water retention pond. Specialized water plants were secured to ensure prime fish habitat and water filtration. Many of the original trees were retained and many new ones were added along with lawns, trails, park benches and gazebos to maximize the communities enjoyment of the space and the views.

Vote to ensure this kind of responsible land use/environmental upgrade continues in the future.

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