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Forensic Community Response To Abbotsford Gay Bashings: 2003

The hounding and hunting of homosexuals in Abbotsford is covered up by local police reports. They misrepresent and falsely claim such attacks or assaults are "drug deals gone bad", therefore 'deserved'. This helps conceal the underlying homophobia, encouraging the community into denial, and to move on to other matters. This discourages local gays from reporting gay bashings.

Late May, 2003, a dozen anonymous uniformed foreign military trained mercenaries in three unmarked minivans, hired by the Abbotsford Police, attempted to assassinate three unarmed compassion club members, by detonating an explosive ordinance BATF-Waco style, under the gas and propane tanks of the 30 year old Dodge Motorhome, used by these disabled local citizens. Two occupants of the vehicle were local candidates for Federal, Provincial and Civic public office. One was a Brahman monk. He was stripped half naked by a female police officer, violating his vow of chastity, to remain clothed before women.

These mercenaries chose to attempt their highway robbery with live amunition adjacent to the Dave Kandal Elementary School, just prior to noon, near a busy shopping center and AutoMall on Mount Lehman Road in Abbotsford. They were grandstanding for the media they brought to videotape their assault and theft. Perhaps the videographer was absent when they looted the farmers home, motorhome, farm equipment, tore down, stomped and desecrated holy shrines, and smashed a glass framed Canadian Constitutional document. Hitler's brown shirted SS-NAZI storm troopers would be pleased.

The Abbotsford police have recently thrown people in jail for having consentual sex, because parents brow beat and guilt their older teens into falsely claiming it was forced. The media plays up the rape complaint, double vicimizes the questioning teen and then does not provide the same coverage of the retraction for the wrongly accused. This is standard Masonic practice to control minorities by pitting one against another.

In recent years the police have also contacted employers and business associates of some who have made a pass at an adult, which was rebuffed. They have advised coworkers of the specific nature of the homosexual advance, attempted and succeeded in directly prejudicing personal, business and career affairs, violating Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. When executing a recent search warrant, local Abbotsford Police have learned from their American trainers to shoot first and ask questions later. As in the case of over a dozen young children at a birthday party where, after hours of surveillance, they attacked the party claiming it to be drug enforcement, guns ablazing and executed the family dog sitting on the couch beside a mother nursing her infant child.

Typical acts of Harrassment include, but are not limited to, sexual harrassment in the workplace, contrived dismissal to deprive one of career and economic sustainability, assaults, death threats, hazings, conspiracy of silence and officially sancitoned state-sponsored court-room cover-ups, collusion and collaboration of hateful heterosexual and homosexual co-workers trying to blend in, including management, union, regional and national headquarters paid staff. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is just words to the staff of the Correctional Services of Canada, which they do not feel they have to uphold in practice, if they can get away with doing what they want or are directed to do by complicit senior and middle management.

I believe the local ministerial committee and key larger churches receive strategic legal advice on how to overturn Supreme Court provisions, extending legal protection to Gay people, "on the ground" in the civic and police areas, over which they retain absolute electoral control. The province of BC has no provincial police force to ensure parochial attitudes do not lead to the torching of local Japanese Buddhist Temples, Surrey Mosques, the murder of Sikh Temple security guards and doctors who perform health reproductive surgery for women in need of abortion.