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Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa. Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fate.

Good morning my fellow Abbotsford Sikhs. I come here today to ask for your support. I thank you for your past civic support in 1996. I thank you for your support for MP in 1997 and MLA in 2001.

Those were happier times for our community, just a few years ago, when your community was united as one. I thank your 1997 temple executive for standing by me with their support, and the photograph, you may have seen of me at your old temple in 1997. I trust I will share the continued support of your two communities and both temples.

I am happier too, now that I have slimmed down a few pounds. I may be able to keep up with big George, and big Mo. They have both done a great job for our community.

There comes a time in every extended family's life when the younger generations must take their turn in parenting and caring for elderly grandparents.

Now is the time for you, for me, and our city, to stand up and be counted. George, we appreciate your 3 decades of service. Pass the torch to a new generation.

My first priority must be to heal and rebuild functional relationships, with our senior provincial and federal governments.

I support your application to build a permanent home for your new temple, on my side of town near Blueridge drive.

We will restore a positive relationship with senior governments, freeze local taxes, respect previous commitments, humanize policing, free up funds needed for our new hospital and highway one overpass at Mount Lehman.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa. Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fate.