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Protecting Nature and Agriculture to Serve Valley

"To know nature and keep it worth knowing"...

The Fraser Valley Regional District is the bed and breakfast, lungs and water of BC. We produce the homes and food, clean air and water, our people need to live, thrive and survive.

I would like to balance the short-term gains demanded by special interest developers, with the long-term gain for people. I ask council to always focus on the multigenerational stewardship of our vital infrastructure and natural environment for all generations.

Q1. Yes. I encourage the Central Valley Naturalists to help Abbotsford form a new environmental impact review committee to review major development proposals, make recommendations to council, and monitor major project implementation, with the opportunity for a continuous feedback loop.

Q2. Yes. The OCP is the strategic plan, prepared by city planners, by the old council with some public input, and it should be a meaningful guide for developers, city planners, and government agencies, when they prepare new project proposals for expansion in our city. If OCP fails to properly protect the environment, we will fix it.

Q3. No. Market forces drove the leaky condos in Vancouver. Cheapest labour, quick profits, and poor inspections left a legacy of shattered lives, leaky homes and a weakened community. Best practices, fair wages, and stewardship in development.

Q4. Yes. I support the "Smart Growth" concept that limits urban sprawl, conserves green spaces, and the rural character of agricultural lands. New development should not generally occur on Agricultural Lands, needed to feed people. I would like new multi-story buildings to be designed, with under-ground parking, to minimize the paved footprint on the land.

Q5. Yes. I will attend to, and support, the Regional Growth Strategy, being prepared with public input. We will review, amend, approve, and see it is adopted.

Q6. Yes. The ALR is designed to limit urban sprawl, to preserve agricultural land, to feed present and future generations. Come up with a better plan. I am all ears.

Q7. Yes. Watershed Management is key to maintaining life on earth. It is essential to maintain healthy rivers, streams and ensure healthy diversity of fish populations.

Q8. Yes. I will support the principle of shared compensation for a land-owner, if his right to use some land bordering water courses is severely limited in order to protect water quality and fish habitat. I also support attaching covenants and easements to lands parallel to watercourses to protect them forever.

Q9. Yes. Norrish Creek watersheds must not be logged. This area naturally filters our city water. Any use, which threatens public health and water safety, must end.

Paul Latham