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Stewardship of Abbotsford Resources

Answer to Survey

Compiled by the Abbotsford News. Fax to Chris Foulds at 853-9808.

Elected to UBC Student Council. Candidate for Abbotsford City Council 1996, VanCity Credit Union Board of Directors and Parliament in 1997. I serve on the Board of Directors of two BC Health Service organizations with multi-million dollar annual budgets, running in surplus.

- I am running as an independent candidate, with no support of any political party. My record of courage in standing up for valid minority rights and freedom of opinion are clear to everyone in this community.

- Financial disclosure will occur after the election.

- I support the Mill Lake Centre being built, entirely with private funds. Debt reduction, building the new hospital and overpass are my priority.
- Airport lands must be retained and leased for benefit of all our citizens.
- Water is a vital natural resource. It will not be sold to the US.
- Annual remuneration for Abbotsford Mayor should be consistent with the remuneration for other Mayors, with similar responsibilities, managing a similar budget, population, and infrastructure base.
- I support opening meetings to the public, including budget meetings, provided this will not violate the municipal act, protecting the privacy of staffing, legal and land negotiations.
- Yes. I may support city council members who belong to a slate, if I agree with their major intent for positive change and stewardship of city resources. I will work with every council member elected, whether independent, on a hidden slate, or an open slate.
- I favour continued support of Agrifair. This community must maintain agricultural lands, through maintaining and sharing best practices.
- After jacking up Abbotsford taxes by 6%, I cannot now support forgiving Agrifair on its $200,000 loan from the city. We are broke.
- The city tightening its policy on tax exemptions is a necessary evil, forced upon the city due to its mandated fiscal restraint. Increasing city revenues and cost recovery from user pay services are needed to repair this defective policy.
- I support some of the current development plans for Sumas mountain.
- I do not support the "automatic" hiring of five police officers each year. City departments must justify every new tax dollar received from our budget.

The single most important municipal issue facing Abbotsford, over which city council has control is stewardship of resources: both infrastructure and human resources. Stewardship requires the wisdom to balance long term development decisions, requiring the application of "best practices", to ensure a prosperous business climate, respecting the integrity of our community, and protecting our environment for future generations. APL: 99/10/30