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Policing and Legal Issues

I preface my remarks with due respect for the able service of the majority of line staff of the Police, military and CSC, who fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities under the most difficult of circumstances with honesty, integrity and self discipline. Having served over 12 years in the CSC, I am aware of the tendency to white wash and cover up with duplicity, deceit, character assassination, and harrassment the abuse of authority by managers. Having observed and reported this up the chain of command myself, I have been targetted for harrassment, with contrived character assassination to scape goat me for managements abuse of authority. When this occurs, the violence which often results in deaths and escapes may be directly tied back to the cause: the systematic actions of the state purported to control the risk.

Such management abuse of authority actually aggravates the risk by giving mixed messages to staff and inmates. This is why the murder rate within Canadian penetentiaries are way up this past year (15). I am told the premier of Ontario is about to sue the federal commissioner of corrections for the increased policing costs associated with his new directive to case managers, to release %50 of federal offenders into the community, on conditional release, by quota. He may as well flip a coin. This disregards the professional risk assessments of case management staff, based upon institutional performance, risk of escape and potential for violence. Management will have to clean up their act to continue as good corporate citizens in Abbotsford. Sumas center must go elsewhere.

I support Abbotsford police increased use of proactive community policing to prevent crime. Rather than the American style war on drugs criminalization mentality, I prefer the British and Dutch medical approach to managing addiction as a chronic treatable disability.

A Womens Right To Medical Services of Last Resort

Abortion for many of you is a religious issue. For me it is an issue of medical practice, and a womans right for self determination over her body in consultation with her physician.

For me abortion is to be avoided as a last resort. A decision to be made by the potential mother in consultation with her physician. It is extraordinarily distressing for all concerned. Prevention and avoiding teen pregnancies is a first step. Providing effective viable opportunities for foster care and adoption to allow expectant mothers to carry to full term, a child for the benefit of all concerned in the community is preferred.

I would like to discourage the church from inflaming violent protests outside abortion clinics. I vehemently oppose the terrorist tactics, used by some allegedly Pro-Life fanatics who manipulate mental defectives within their ranks to go hunt down and kill, shoot, assault, threaten, or maim physicians and nurses providing women needed healthcare and reproductive health options of last resort.

These Moronic Lodges must refrain from tricking women into fighting amongst themselves to defeat feminism.

Decriminalize Medical Marijuana

Medicinal Marijuana:

I support the federal minister of health Alan Rock in his decision to approve 14 additional persons to posess and consume medicinal marijuana to treat the symptoms of their terminal chronic illnesses.

Decriminalize Narcotics as Medicine

I am saddened by the frivolous use of narcotics for recreational purposes. This is medecine. When used wisely, by a certified physician, it can heal and manage unbearable pain. Clearly the addict who self medicates sees him/herself as temporary physician. Addiction is clearly a medical issue to be treated by physicians, not punished by the police and court process. I encourage more discretion on the part of local police. These people are the sons and daughters of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles of families in this valley.

The Moronic Lodges within the US State Department, CIA, NSA, etc. must refrain from wholesale trafficking in Narcotics and Weapons. This is no foundation on which to build freedom, nor democracy. It is hypocracy to use such drug profits to pay for coups, assassinations, elections and to build the American Empire, or the Fourth Reich New World Order. This is a foundation of corruption, collusion and shifting sands. There can be no lasting loyalties on which to build society peace and security.