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Highway Exit # 83 at Mt. Lehman Road.

The Mount Lehman road overpass, exit and feeder roads must be widened to allow traffic, which currently plugs and backs up across the intersection with the Fraser Highway and South Fraser Way. This is unacceptable to the local community in West Abbotsford (formerly Clearbrook or Matsqui). The blockage even stretches back down the double laned Freeway 1 exit onto the Trans Canada Highway itself. This obstruction must end.

We must also realign Mount Lehman Road itself. It must feed growing traffic past the Abbotsford Airport and growing aerospace industry.

Highway exit # 87 at Clearbrook Road must also be widened to facilitate the flows which are pinched by this single lane bridge. I recommend all bridges have capacities tripled. This is part of our future downtown core infrastructure. I don't want the citizens of Abbotsford put through the upheaval of another major obstruction and construction for over 20-30 years.

Highway exit # 90 at McCallum Road will have to be widened in the full course of time for the same reasons and more because of our hospital, university and CSC traffic.