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Does the Economy Serve Man, or Does Man Serve The Economy?

Capitalism tries to harness greed to serve the economy.

Capitalism assumes what is good for the economy is good for society.

Capital is used to fund Drug Runs for Arms for Hostages for Coups.

Some financial economists agree, if all factors are included.

Most Capitalists factor out environmental, human rights, labour, health, safety and quality of life concerns.

They tend to rob peter to pay paul, stealing from their childrens health, safety and future opportunities to maximize short term gain.

Socialism tries to harness greed to serve the society.

Socialism assumes what is good for society is good for the economy.

Socialists try to balance the good of self interest to benefit all.

Commonwealth pioneers built cooperative infrastructure to benefit all.

Building Fair Wage Infrastructure

Municipality: Abbotsford

1. In order to stem the practice of "bid-shopping," the municipality of Burnaby, as well as the provincial, and federal governments, have enacted fair wage laws for construction work on public infrastructure. If elected, will you initiate and support the enactment of municipal fair wage laws?

Yes! I will look to our principal unions and Burnaby city hall for advice on how to craft it to best suit the Abbotsford milieu.

2. If you answered yes to the above question, please address the following: If elected, will you initiate and support adequate funding to ensure that staff can be hired to enforce and audit fair wage law compliance?

Yes, and I will actively work with our principle unions to educate the business community on the value to our community and their business bottom line, when we have a well paid, safe, and happy work force.

3. The Barrett Commission found that the employment of non-qualified trades workers was a contributing factor in the construction of "leaky condos." If elected, will you initiate and support an order by your council that would require municipal building inspectors to check trades qualifications of all workers employed in the mandatory trades (plumbing, sheet metal, elevators, roofing and gas) and ensure compliance as mandated in the provincial statutes?

Yes. I will require the "best practices" in all departments, especially building inspections and trade practices to ensure there are no more leaky condos(water membrane penetration)in Abbotsford.

4. If elected, will you work towards defeating municipal laws, which require that construction tenders be awarded to the lowest bid?

Yes. I resent any bylaws which remove the discretion of city hall to favour the better quality and higher social value bid.

5. If elected, what will you do to enhance infrastructure repair and maintenance in your municipality?

I will seek new revenues to pay down existing infrastructure debts to ensure a tax freeze, and devote new dollars to repair and maintenance. I would like to drive around Abbotsford and call in the works yard to patch over anything that might break an axle, or ankle.

6. Please list the new infrastructure construction projects that you will promote and support if you are elected:

I will promote and support the new Con-Air Jet Aircraft Engine overhaul hangar, the construction of our new Hospital, and three new/widened Trans-Canada highway overpasses. A new Arts and Cultural Center will be built beside Mill Lake. I would like to re-build our River-port on the Fraser River. There is a need for another major water-main across the Fraser River, perhaps from Harrison Lake to the North-East corner of Abbotsford. A duty free value added export trades section at the airport, with film studio, video and music production facilities and high tech computer related services sector. Additional private hotel, conference, and entertainment venues will be required.