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Recent Examples of Iatrogenic Violence (State Bullying)

Waco Assassins Die in Alfred P. Murraugh Building.

US School Shootings Caused by Systemic State Injustice (Bullying).

US school shootings and local prostitute murders are prime examples of iatrogenic violence: violence caused by the state through systemic bullying-injustice. I neither support, nor endorse, such violence and injustice. I encourage raising the conscious awareness of those responsible, the causal relationships, connections between actions, lack of action and reactions.

In the most recent cases of school shootings in the USA, and Canada, there is evidence of systematic targeting of identifiable out-groups by perceived majority in-groups. The timing of these shootings, with respect to the hostile bombing actions of the USA and Canada, through NATO, can not be ignored.

It is my belief that some young people have a clearer conscious awareness of injustices inflicted by our "so-called intelligence" agencies, and military, on innocent civilians abroad. These young people, by their actions, reject the brainwashing of the media, and their educational system, to the extent that they sanction criminal behavior in our name, as members of a democracy.

Thus we have a democratic responsibility for failing to rein in our 'out of control senior military' and 'intelligence' operatives that run rough shod over the law and legitimate elected governments abroad. I am specifically referring to the counter intelligence manipulation of the media by paid agents (spin doctors) of the USA and contrived justifications for NATO bombings in Yugoslavia.

Vancouvers prostitute murders are the result of promoting the injustices of the inmate code in local prisons by management. This promotes the sadistic psychology of known psychopaths with a history of hunting down, torturing and killing prostitutes (like Jack the Ripper).

33 degree+ slave masons of local moronic lodges promote discord between special interest groups in order to divide, conquer, maintain their control and funding of fear mongering. (ex: Pit women against women over abortion. Pit Lesbians against Gays over AIDS. Split families and churches against each other over sexual diversity. Pit parents against children, over education. Pit governments against labour, management and owners, over the economy. Pit NATO against Yugoslavia, for mine money. Build distrust in government to promote oligarchy and anarchy.)

by: Paul Latham Dated: May 20, 1999