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Our home of 15 years:
2866 Upland Cres, Abbotsford, BC
(604) 852-8930,
Fax: (604) 852-5724

B&B is Best!:

Garden B&B Farm/Homestay!

Fraser Valley

I like Clearbrook: It is near my family, friends, and where I was born, went to school, and was raised. There is excellent transport infrastructure of roads, rail, river, airport, trade and convention center, at Abbotsford, where international trade-shows are hosted.

A wise panda will

Visit Abbotsford:

Aviation and Agriculture are core industries in Abbotsford.

Critical Thinking:

Scan vested interests of media.

Effective Microorganisms:

Friendly microbes convert organic waste to organic fertilizer.


Health Recovery from Fort Dietrick & NATO's covert biological warfare.


Canada violates Human/Civil Rights at home and abroad.


US Intelligence and state fund KLA, Terrorism, Laundering Narco-Dollars, Piracy, theft of mines.

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Business opportunities in BC.

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Click to 1410 CFUN. Art Bell: Entertaining Conspiracy Theorist...

Enjoy quality of life at B & B in Abbotsford, BC.

"Abbotsford was formed by joining Matsqui, Sumas, Abbotsford and Clearbrook townships, into one city of about population 150,000. "

"I was born, raised, educated and worked from one end to the other of the Fraser Valley. This is my home. I know it well. I have travelled the world and always love coming home to BC."

Why visit Abbotsford? It Needs Prayer!:

It is a fundamental religious community. It attempts to control peoples behaviour through indoctrination in the church with Masonic myths which promote differences between peoples and faiths pitting one minority against another, no matter which faith they infiltrate.

Praying To Free Enslaved Masonic Controlled Right-Wing 'Christian' Community!

As an organic gardener, I encourage people to produce as much of their own organc foods, and to avoid genetically modified corporate foods.

Some Local Issues:

< Click here for development issues.

Youth Q & A: Jobs and Transportation

< Click Here for Youth Justice!

Developers: Balance Environment & Long Term Gain

< Click here for Fishtrap Creek.

Corporate Monitoring Solves Shareholder Free Rider

< Click here for Deputy Finance Ministers Answer.

Official Community Plan: Water, Parking, etc.

< Click here for my Answers.

Policing: Corrections and Public Safety

< Click here for a more secure future!

Opportunities for Youth:

Education, school buildings, maintain staff levels to meet class ratios. Cooperative employment initiatives.

Upgrade Mt. Lehman Highway Exit

< Click for a new overpass!

Opportunities for Seniors

Broad spectrum of services required for Abbotsford Seniors.

Abbotsford News Survey of Issues

< Click to see answers to issues!

Community Service:

I have served this community for 15 years as a volunteer organizing and facilitating peer support groups, coordinating amateur radio and providing emergency services. I coordinate the Fraser Valley health council providing treatment information for disabled consumers in the valley. I served on the Board of AIDS Vancouver, balancing a multi-million dollar annual budget, helping draft strategic plan, executive director evaluation and PARC Site Selection Committee. Once elected to the provincial body, I provided the same oversight at this level.

Call me with Your issues:

BC & Yukon Building Trades Council Issues

< Click to build fair wages infrastructure!

UCFV-Cascade Student Issues

< Renew hope and opportunity for future!

Central Valley Naturalists Q & A

< Preserve agricultural land to feed people, not profits!

Paul Latham, BA, Psychology

E-mail me at: . . . . or Regular mail to:
2866 Upland Crescent, Abbotsford, B.C. V2T-2E9, Canada
(604) 852-8930, Fax: (604) 852-5724