Airport and ConAir Grow Together

Construction began this week Monday, October 18th, 1999, on Conair's new state-of-the-art aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul service centre in Abbotsford that will create 800 new full-time jobs, said Employment and Investment Minister Mike Farnworth.

Pre-construction work began in late August on the 22,500-square-metre, $50-million hangar, initially funded by a $17.5-million commercial loan from the provincial NDP government. This hangar will be able to take in about nine large jet aircraft for service at one time. Their current hangar cannot even take in one complete such aircraft without ripping off the tail in order to close the hanger doors. Thank you BC.

Recent Council Business

According to the Aldergrove Star, "Fraser Valley Hindu Society plans to build a temple at 31545 Walmsley Avenue, close to the airport’s north-south and east-west runways. "

I trust the developer will sign the covenant with the city acknowledging the proximity of this development to a growing airport for jet aircraft.

I trust the Hindu community will pray for the success and growth of our airport and the safe take off and landing of all aircraft and pilots in Abbotsford. Paul Latham

According to the Aldergrove Star, "A proposed zoning bylaw... Bylaw deals with the rezoning of property at 30640 Blue Ridge Drive at Mt. Lehman, where the congregation of the Gurdwara Sahib Kalghidar Darbar society plan to build a temple."

I trust all the citizens interested in this new temple will come out and voice their opinions with respect and dignity. I am proud of the cutural and religious diversity of the city of Abbotsford. I do not want our city's image tarnished by any further internecine strife, nor religious divisions. Paul Latham

According to the Aldergrove Star, "A bylaw amendment to the city’s Official Community Plan was adopted by city councilors Monday night."

Bylaw creates the Vicarro Ranch Planning Area and paves the way for a major residential development in the vicinity of McKee Road, Whatcom Road and Regal Parkway.

I support new development on our hillsides which respect the Agricultural Land Reserve.

We have plenty of elevated lands with spectacular views which must be developed first. Paul Latham

Mushroom Manure Processing: Zero Emissions

Mushroom Manure Processing can be done with zero emissions. I find it incredible that the city has not written zero emissions standards into the bylaw for these factory operations which pollute and destroy the quality of life for many valley residents.

Bickering between the Regional District and Provincial government does not protect the citizens of Abbotsford from the stench.

I would like to ask one of the affected farmers down on South Parrallel or Whatcom road to loan city hall the use of their barn Mondays for council meetings, until this matter is corrected.

The effective use of aeration, biofilters, aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms is operational in high density agricultural environments in Holland and Japan. I am sure that our sister city could demonstrate the use of Effective Microorganisms to manage waste water, sewage and manure processing.

I know of a source for this in Aldergrove.

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