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Interests: Forensic Community Psychology, Healthcare, Radio, Aviation.

2866 Upland Crescent, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, V2T-2E9

Phone: (604) 852-8930, Fax: 852-5724 Born: 22/01/58 Vancouver. Canadian Citizen. Bilingual: French and English

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University of BC, Bachelor of Arts: Psychology Vancouver, B.C. 1981

Saint George's Senior School Graduate: Grade 12 Vancouver, B.C. 1975

Katimavik Volunteer: Bilingual, BC, Ontario, Quebec; 1978 - 1979

French Immersion Training: 1977, 1978, 1991

- University of Quebec Chicoutimi, Quebec

- University of Montreal Montreal, Quebec

- CEGEP of Jonquiere Jonquiere, Quebec


(2000 to 2001) member of BC Persons With AIDS Board of Directors. Chaired Board Development and PARC Site Selection Committees. Attended various conferences raising consciousness about US COINTELPRO coordinated intelligence programs targetting BC gay community with HIV and AIDS as a biological weapon fallout from the cold war when civil rights, human rights and gay rights were viewed as Communist Inspired threats agains freedom and democracy. The status quo then was to protect their freedom to exercise discrimination and prejudice against identifiable minorities. And target them with biological weapons and stigma through state controlled media outlets. The cover up continues through targetted character assassination of any conscious critics aware of cover up.

(1999 to 2000) member of AIDS Vancouver Board of Directors. Western Canada's oldest AIDS service organization. Ensuring quality Carver governance and core services provided to key BC populations along determinants of health model.

(1997 to present) Coordinator of Fraser AIDS Health Council and Treatment Information Officer, Coordinating HIV/ AIDS service for the Fraser Valley. Raising awareness of the need to directly address the pandemic, through up to date treatment information for immune restoration, stress management and quality of life issues including reversing social engineering and stigma around fundamental health care and lifestyle issues for those infected and affected caregivers, family, coworkers and friends.

(June, 1996 to June, 1997) Correctional Service Canada, Regional Supply Depot, Correctional Officer-2. Fill orders for, educational, vocational, food, health care, pharmaceutical supplies and equipment required by institutions in the Pacific Region. Review, vet and maintain library of regulatory documents and manuals. Administrative problem solving.

(March, 1987 to June, 1996) Correctional Service Canada, Ferndale Institution, Correctional Officer-2. Working directly with inmates, their families, staff, police, and the community to provide rehabilitative support, as part of a case management team, in a prison setting. Used networked computers and drafted 1995 - 1996 institutional contingency plans.

(Nov., 1986 to Feb., 1987) Correctional Service of Canada, Mission Medium Security Institution, Living Unit Officer-1. Analyze case files, interview inmates, prepare needs analyses, initiate program plans, do progress summaries. Make recommendations to National Parole Board.

(Dec., 1985 to Nov.,1986) Correctional Service of Canada, Kent Maximum Security Institution, Correctional Officer. Marksman with both rifle and revolver. Operated static and mobile security posts. Dealt with difficult interpersonal situations. Wrote observation reports, maintained logs.

(1981 to 1984) Joint Apprenticeship Trades Committee; Roofing, B.C. Ministry of Labor, Attended Pacific Vocational Institute. Installed full range of roofing products. Drafted promotional letters, reviewed blueprints, prepared bids, won contracts.


- IBM and Macintosh computer systems: ClarisWorks, MicroSoft Word, Excel, Database, Windows for WorkGroups, Radio Communications. - Contingency Planning, Case Management Strategies, Offender Management System, Scientific Content Analysis. - General Military Training: Canadian Armed Forces, Naval Reserve; 1979. - Passed Public Service Commission, General Administration Tests; 1988. - French in Vancouver, BC and College in Jonquiere, Quebec; 1987-1991


(1980 to 1981) B.C. Mental Retardation Institute: Continuing Education and Social Recreation Project Volunteer. Assisted the director of the Continuing Education project, working with mildly mentally handicapped young adults, teaching essential life skills. Filmed a documentary of the program for presentation to the United Nations, 'Year of the Disabled' in 1981.

- Volunteer for 1995 Western Canada Summer Games. - Elected to Student Representative Assembly at U.B.C. - Experienced Deep, Open Ocean, Wreck SCUBA Diver. - Promoted to Living Unit Officer at Mission Institution. - Won BC Department of Education Grade 12 Scholarship. - Wrote Ferndale Institutions 1995-1996 Contingency Plans. - Marksman with both AR-15, FNC-1 rifles, S&W Revolver. - 1995-97 Abbotsford Municipal Amateur Radio Coordinator. - Candidate for Abbotsford City Council in 1996 and Parliament in 1997. - Treatment Information Project Officer and Health Council Coordinator. - Social activist on anti-nuclear, human rights, and employment equity issues. - Concerned about spreading globalization, corruption, MAI, biological warfare. - Social analyst and freelance columnist on national unity, foreign policy, etc. - Promoted June, 1998 Vancouver Men's Chorus AIDS Benefit Concert in Abbotsford


- EM-BIO-REMEDIATION: (An)Aerobic Microbial Treatment of Chemical and Biological Sites. - FENG SHUI Analysis: Restoration and maintenance of healthy organic environments. - NATURAL Remedies: Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Meditation, Taoist Tai Chi, Chi Gong. - SCUBA Diver: I like to travel and enjoy the water, mountains, skiing and motorcycling.