BC Liberal Government Betrays BC Economy

Gordon Campbells Slick US style media election campaign promised the youth, seniors and all the people of BC that they could deliver all the same services the NDP provided over the past 10 years, with less waste. Health care "when and where you need it". That means an increase in funding for essential services like autopsies, burials, worms and leaches. All other medical services are optional, elective and user pays. They promised to maintain healthcare and education funding, build hospitals, continue the same services and provide more nurses a better salary deal. Is this what you thought they meant?

What they are actually doing is sabotaging BC's economy, selling off commonwealth assets, and canibalizing the weakest in our society, who are least able to defend themselves from predatory US market driven ideology. Selling out the infrastructure built up by centuries of pioneering families in this province is not merely an ideological difference between the NDP and the BC Liberals. It is a fraudulent breach of promise, a breach of the oath a minister takes when accepting public office, and seditious treason when vital national resources are sold off to the control of foreign powers.

Gordos hired media goon squad assassinated the character of the NDP and its premieres over the past ten years through a dishonest coordinated intelligence program misleading the people of BC into mistrusting their own good democratic government. They tricked you into electing a corporate controlled Campbell style US collaborative government that is selling out our commonwealth healthcare, education, transportation, hydro, utility infrastructure and other resources to foreign private control. They are socializing risk over to you the taxpayer and privatizing profit into the pockets of themselves, their intellectual elite and donor friends.

Such actions are fraudelent, corrupt, illegal and reversable once exposed. His US intelligence controlled election campaign spread the lie that BC's economy was broken, when in fact it produced, and the auditor general confirmed, three consecutive surpluses, the last one in excess of 1 billion dollars, which was turned over to Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals. Look at the good they have created with it.

BC Liberal tax breaks for their rich donors converted this confirmed billion dollar surplus economy into a multibillion dollar projected deficit for the next three years. He is now levelling the tax structure by increasing the sales tax and user fees, while decreasing covered services. This does not spread the burden evenly among the rich and poor. It penalizes the poor, seniors, students, women and small business owners, who have to spend everything they get to survive and rewards the rich and large corporate donors, who don't.

Only US intelligence can sell Noriega, Campbell, Batista, Shahs, Freedom Fighters, Northern Alliance, Mujahadeen, as good for a while, then suddenly become bad overnight, before a military invasion, coup, or character assassination to assert corporate control over vital national interests like the media, energy, water, softwood, salmon, seabed for nuclear submarine torpedo testing, or democracy they have been denied complete monopoly control over. Watch the coming years as the hundreds of millions of dollars in slashes, causing the collapse of the BC Economy, will be portrayed as others faults, and a few millions in spending in the last year in office will be expected to buy your vote, with your own tax dollars.

Answers to Youth Council Questions

1) If elected, what do you plan to do to increase youth employment?

I favour increasing public and private cooperative education programs which balance the need of students for employment experience and companies for new workers. I would like to see more community based volunteer programs restoring fish habitat and similar environmental concerns, coordinated by part time paid youth coordinators.

2)There is currently no safe place for youth who have no where to sleep and eat. eg/ No youth shelters, safe beds. If elected, what would you do to improve this situation?

I believe the community must respond to the needs of the poor and disenfranchised. I will press council to ensure that no child of Abbotsford has to go hungry or sleep in fear on our streets. Such shelters must receive preferential tax status.

3) If elected, what would you do to reduce stereotyping of youth in our community?

I feel that youth need to be encouraged by council, consulted specifically in areas that directly impact their lives, and provided a forum to express their views and represent themselves, as in this Youth Council.

4) Youth need safe, constant means of transportation in order to become involved in the services our own community has to offer. Currently the transit system ends at 10:00 pm and buses donít come frequently enough, peak hours such as before and after school. What do you plan to do about this situation?

Rapid transit needs to be integrated throughout the Fraser Valley. Routes with high demand need to be serviced with sufficient high occupancy busses. New routes need to be opened up, perhaps with lower occupancy vans. Times of operation must meet the real needs of those who depend exclusively on public transportation services.

Sincerely, Paul Latham.

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